Pacific Glass Block
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2" thick glass blocks with heavy duty vinyl frames




Glass Block Patterns:

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Pacific Glass Block wave pattern
Pacific Glass Block wave block detail
Pacific Glass Block Ice pattern
Pacific Glass Block ice block detail
Pacific Glass Block frost pattern
Pacific Glass Block frost block detail

Vinyl Frame Colors:



Note: Colors are digitally reproduced. Actual colors may vary.



      Choose from 90 standard sizes, 3 distinctive real glass block patterns and three vinyl frame colors. All the options in frame colors and glass block patterns are the same price, so creating glass block windows that coordinate well with your project is as simple as selecting your preferences. We will custom manufacture and ship your windows to you in the exact combination you design for your project.


    Each of the 3 Builder Series glass block patterns can produce a completely different atmosphere in a living space. For a closer look at each glass block pattern, click on the assembled glass block photos above and enlarge the photo. These assembly photos are to help demonstrate difference in the degree of privacy between each block pattern, and to provide a better sense of the distinctive appearance each pattern will provide. As you can see, each glass pattern creates a unique texture, so the atmosphere of the living space can be altered dramatically.


    When it comes to window frames, vinyl is an excellent choice. Unlike wood, vinyl will never rot or require endless repainting, and vinyl will never pit or flake, so it requires no maintenance. In fact, an occasional washing will keep your Builder Series vinyl window frame looking like new for years. Select from 3 popular colors to coordinate with other windows and the color theme of your project.


    Every Builder Series window is made with specially formulated translucent silicone sealants that have an anti-fungal agent blended in to help prevent mold and mildew in wet areas. Your glass block windows will be virtually maintenance free and provide beautiful natural light and privacy for years.




Pacific Glass Block Builder Series Windows

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