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Economical 2" Thick Glass Blocks with heavy-duty vinyl frames.

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Use this tool to design your windows. To place an order, call 888-522-4527


This program allows you to custom design your Pacific Glass Block Windows. You can change sizes, frame colors and glass blocks visually on your computer screen to create unique windows that are the correct size and that will blend perfectly into the color plan of your project.


In the past, when glass blocks were site-built with masonry, the end product did not compliment the rest of the windows used or the interior and exterior color theme because there was no window frame. After they were stacked like bricks in the opening, the installation still had to be completed around the perimeter on both the inside and outside with custom sized and molded wood or other material, and that material then had to be sealed and painted to achieve a finished look. In addition, water leaks that could cause cosmetic and even structural damage were common.


PGBW factory assembled and sealed glass block windows will not leak, and with our frames available in such a wide range of colors and materials, your glass block windows are not only simple to install, but they can coordinate with your design perfectly.


After you have designed your glass block windows and are ready to order, just call our toll-free Customer Service line @ 888-522-4527. Our knowledgeable staff can quickly take your order and schedule timely delivery.



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