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The Beauty of Real Glass Block Windows


No other architectural product adds style and individuality to a home, office or commercial building like real glass blocks. They have the exceptional ability to allow beautiful natural light to flow into and between living spaces while providing privacy and security at the same time. These qualities in addition to their striking visual appeal add architectural interest and enhance the value of any project.

Because glass blocks traditionally had to be custom assembled on every jobsite, by skilled specialty contractors using mixed mortar, installations were difficult, expensive, and the end product quality was inconsistent at best. Therefore, glass block installations have always been somewhat limited to only upper-end residences and larger commercial building projects.

Pacific Glass Block Windows can provide much more cost effective, beautifully assembled, fully framed and weather sealed genuine glass block windows that can be easily installed by anyone. And glass block installations can now blend perfectly into any design. Our innovative factory assembled systems allow you to customize each window to compliment your design’s color theme or the other windows used in your building project – both inside and outside.

Additionally, Pacific Glass Block Windows are guaranteed to be free from leaks and defects. We use only the finest glass blocks available worldwide, and every assembly component was designed to produce the most durable and maintenance-free windows available anywhere.

Our products are readily available through fine building product retailers in most areas, so purchasing is easy, and now your glass block windows can be delivered to you with the rest of your building and window package. No schedule delays, no messy mortar or other problems associated with the old fashioned way of installing glass blocks! Contact us anytime if you have questions or need more information.


Pacific Glass Block Windows