Custom Glass Block Windows

Premier Series 

Real Glass Block Windows

Over 6,000 Custom Possibilities with NO EXTRA COST!

  • Full 3″ thick blocks
  • 79 standard sizes
  • 6 distinctive glass block patterns
  • 8 standard exterior frame colors
  • 8 standard interior frame colors

The Benefits of Our Premier Series Custom Glass Block Windows

Glass block installations no longer have to look different than the other windows used in your home – inside or outside. Our exclusive 3-piece Premier Series aluminum frames were developed to allow separate colors for exterior and interior sides, and block energy transference with our thermally enhanced design.

 Your Pacific Glass Block windows can complement other windows on the exterior side, and color coordinate with any tile, granite or wall finish on the interior side, and with no additional cost.

Our exclusive thermally enhanced frame provides excellent performance in any climate. Powder-coat finishes will perform much better, especially in high use areas like baths and showers, because of their extreme durability.

Custom glass block windows, see how they can add beauty to your home or office.

Premier Series Glass Block Patterns

Premier Series Powder- Coat Frame Colors

Glass Block Windows
Brick Red
Glass Block Windows
Hartford green
Glass Block Windows
Glass Block Windows
Stone Grey
Glass Block Windows
Glass Block Windows
Glass Block Windows
Glass Block Windows

 Comparison Between Our Custom Glass Block Patterns

Click on image to enlarge picture

Each of the 6 Premier Series glass block patterns can produce a completely different look and feel in a living space. To compare them, click on the assembled glass block photos above for a closer look. These photos can help demonstrate the difference in the degree of privacy for each glass pattern and will provide a sense of the distinctive appearance of each pattern as well. As you can see, each glass pattern adds its own distinctive texture, so the atmosphere of a living space can be altered easily and dramatically.

 And in every window we make, we use specially formulated translucent sealants that have an anti-fungal agent blended in to prevent mold and mildew in wet areas.

Your Pacific Glass Block windows will be maintenance free and provide beautiful natural light and privacy for a lifetime.

 Premier Series Custom Glass Block Windows Options: (call factory for prices & details)