Did you know that we sell fully assembled custom made glass block windows? 

Pacific Glass Block Windows, LLC, is a glass block window manufacturer. What we mean by this is that we make customized glass block windows with frames. 

After you have determined the size of window frame you need, the next step in creating a custom-made real glass block window frame is to choose the series you prefer to fit your needs. 

The Premier Series glass block window is made from full 3” thick REAL glass blocks with powder-coated thermally enhanced aluminum frames. The Builders Series glass block window is made from economical 2” thick REAL glass blocks with heavy-duty extruded vinyl frames or thermally enhanced aluminum frames that offer all the benefits of our vinyl frames, plus superior performance in the very hot environments.

Next, choose the pattern of glass block from which you would like your window made. There are five patterns from which to choose in our Premier Series – Clarity, Pearl, Wave, Cross-rib, and Diamond. Our Builders Series has three patterns from which to choose – Wave, Ice, and Frost.

After you have chosen your preferred real glass block pattern, you then choose the type and color of frame you would like. There are a variety of color combinations from which to choose. 

Our exclusive 3-piece Premier Series aluminum frames were developed to allow separate colors for exterior and interior sides, and block energy transference with our thermally enhanced design. Powder-coat finishes will perform much better, especially in high use areas like baths and showers, because of their extreme durability.

Our heavy-duty Builder Series vinyl frames are profiled to shed water away from the glass on both sides, so the water won’t pool, and the glass and frame components will dry quickly after use so materials will not degrade from moisture over time.

We don’t sell individual glass blocks, we create one-of-a-kind custom-builtfully assembled glass block windows that are works of art, which will beautify your home or place of business that will last a lifetime.

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