The love affair with glass block windows started in the late 1800’s. But as time passed, the fashion became outdated as architect styles developed. However, due to ever-changing fads and fashions, glass block windows are now back in style!

For many years, standard clear glass windows were the norm when designing exterior windows for bathrooms and homes. However, trends in real estate indicate that new homeowners desire to bring back the style of the 1940s and are considering glass block windows more and more.

But do these glass block windows present many advantages to your home? Although some builders and architects don’t think they do, here at Pacific Glass Block Windows, we believe there are several advantages to having real glass blocks installed in your home:

• Real glass block windows provide energy-efficient lighting. Conventional glass windows

do not always provide adequate lighting, which means you may incur higher energy

costs, especially if a particular room needs to have lights on throughout the day.

• In addition, real glass block windows offer thermal insulation that prohibit air

infiltration, which can save approximately 25% of the heat that is lost through conventional windows.

• If you need to illuminate a large interior space, an exterior real glass block window wall

can be used to bring light into your indoor space with little additional cost.

• Safety and security are always a concern of home and business owners. Pacific Glass Block windows are strong and offer excellent protection from the harsh elements mother nature can throw at us.

• Privacy is another concern with conventional glass windows. To make sure no one can see inside, the exterior window must be installed high in the wall or covered with blinds or curtains. But with a real glass block window from Pacific Glass Block Windows, privacy is ensured by blocking the view inside while letting in the light.

• Pacific Glass Block Windows provide years of low-cost maintenance. There is no need for expensive cleaners; merely wash with a mild soap and rinse with water and you’re done. In addition, because there are no edges, dirt can’t build up making it easier to clean.

For your next new home or if you’re remodeling an older one, consider all the advantages and benefits you gain with real glass block windows from Pacific Glass Block Window.