In the world of block windows you have only 2 choices, Real glass or Acrylic (plastic). So what are the key differences?

With Real glass blocks you get greater durability, easier cleaning, and no fading or yellowing over time. There are no restrictions on what cleaning products you can use on glass, just use what you would on the rest of the bathroom or kitchen.

By design real glass blocks are stronger and more chip and crack resistant than the Acrylic counterpart.

Acrylic blocks are lighter than glass blocks, however that seems to be the only advantage they have! With acrylic, you have to be careful of what cleaners you use, as they are easily scratched and will haze and yellow if you get to strong of chemical on them.

They will yellow over time even if you are meticulous about how you clean them. Acrylic has a tendancy to crack if exposed to house shifting or being hit by most anything.

This is definitely one case where Real glass beats Acrylic (plastic) hands down!

Here at Pacific Glass Block Windows, we ONLY sell high quality REAL glass blocks that will enhance the beauity of your home and will last a lifetime!

Real Glass Block vs Acrylic Block

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